Seven key tips for maintaining a home water tank

Seven key tips for maintaining a home water tank

Be sure that you have purchased a standard tank made of sanitary raw materials.
Quality plastic tanks usually do not require much maintenance and repairs.
By observing seven key points in maintaining these tanks, you can benefit from the maximum working life of these products and also drink healthy and quality water:
1. Make sure the tank is not leaking and the bottom of the tank is not wet. If you encounter this situation, do the following in order:
1-1) Ensure the correct operation of the water level control valve or float.
1-2) Check the inlet and outlet connections of the tank to make sure they are not loose or leaking.
1-3) Make sure the correct operation of the one-way valve or the automatic valve at the outlet to the pump.
1-4) Inspect the body of the tank completely, look for any cracks or breaks in the body.
If you encounter any of these cases, please contact the authorized installation expert or the after-sales service unit of Agineh Tabaristan Complex.
2) Make sure that there are no pollution, waste materials or insects and vermin in the path of the aerator tank.
3) Make sure the inside and outside of the tank is clean. Be sure to wash the tank once a year. For this, you can use detergents and suitable tools, and after using these materials, wash the tank completely with high pressure water to make sure that the inside of the tank is clean
(For more information on how to wash tanks, click here).
4) During periodic visits to the tanks, make sure that the tank is not overloaded and also make sure that there is no possible fall of the load or object on the tank.
5) Ensure that the tank door is completely and properly closed so that dirt and insects cannot enter the tank.
6) Make sure that the tank placement bed remains flat and uniform. Any change in the smoothness of the bed brings the possibility of deformation and damage to the tank.
7) At least once a year, the water storage and pressure regulation system of the building should be visited by experienced installation experts.

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